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The Sound of a Bath

Updated: May 20, 2021

I have come to love the sound of a running bath come evening time. There is nothing so precious as rinsing the day away. In our house, it is a sign that the day is quickly coming to a close; curtains drawn, lights out. Taking in the sound of my son splashing his hand in the water, giggling along with the bubbles, brings such ease and peace to my body. In those moments, I am able to let go of where the day took us: the ups, the downs, the arounds and arounds, melted away by the sweet water song. In those moments, I am able to not be brought to what comes after, as we begin the countdown to saying goodnight. Instead, the water song somehow captivates me as well. I listen, struck by the freeness of bodies playing with the very essence that is inside us. It isn’t like the sound of the coffee grinder. Giddiness, as we greet the sun, in knowing that something magnificent is about to be offered. It’s like a sound of dimming the brightness of the day that is quickly coming to an end. He curls up in his towel nice and snug. His loose body creates a nice partner, as we slip him into to his pajamas. Reading along, we are taken to a few more places before rest comes. Singing our lullabies, we give our voices one last stretch before they are made to mute for slumber. He closes his eyes, melting my heart and the day away; taken now to his own stories, to his own adventures. I kiss him on his forehead and whisper, "Goodnight". Our eyes meet. I then realize how full I am, knowing that we will greet again in the morning.

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