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The Song of Her Bones

Updated: May 20, 2021

She listens. She listens to the instinctual impulses of her bones.

As she hears them. They say in a whisper, "Love me.

Love me deeply, love me directly, love me fully.

For your love is what gives me the strength and stability to keep holding you.

Holding the years of muscle memory that has formed into your being;

reminding you of all that you have walked, overcome and healed.

For when she is able to listen, she hears so much more then she could

have ever imagined. For she doesn’t need to imagine anymore."

The whispers of her bones' request leaves her uneasy. For how could it be that simple?

She shakes, withdrawals, senses her anger. For was this voice here all along? She stutters as grief rattles her intuition. 
Her mind begins to try and make sense of how she could be missing this guidance for so many years. 
For she has tried to love her bones, but hearing of her bones' request is a different story entirely.

For she has tirelessly attempted to love herself in many of her chapters,

and for some she has, but for others the desire has been overcome;

overcome by shame, by deep despair and attempts at becoming invisible.

For in those moments, her suffering deafened her ears, making it impossible for her to hear her bones' longing.

This is not then. This is a new moment, a new voice.

Now her eyes open, ears curious. She invites the bones' whisper in.

She tries it on. What might this be like?

Would it be ok to actually love myself?

As she sits with this apprehension, this fear of finding out the answer,

she begins to notice her body start to dance with distrust and possibility.

These pushes and pulls, turns, gliding away and towards.

She begins to see the beauty of the rhythmic movement of the dancing parties. 
For they are opposing, both needed and beautifully connected.

When the music stops and the dance halts, she can now hear of an even louder voice.

For her bones’s whisper has transformed into a shout;

the shout that she can not remove herself from anymore, as it begins to reverberate in every cell of her body.

At first, she can not make sense of the shout due to its unknown and shocking sound.

As she allows herself to take it in, to listen... She hears it.

"Of course it is ok to love yourself, for you are love,

And they need you to love yourself."

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