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A Long Line of Daughters

Updated: May 20, 2021

She comes from a long line of daughters.

Strong women, fierce women.

Broken women, sad women.

For she knows of their histories, and ways they protect themselves from the unknown world, and the scary possibilities that lurk in the corners of their homes and minds.

For they hold their pain like they hold their love, close to their hearts, bounded by secrecy.

But oh do they have love, seas full of love.

Sometimes their love can be misunderstood, masked by loyalty.

These women breathe loyalty, daughters can count on mothers and mothers on grandmothers and the cycle continues as if they are witnessing all of the seasons changing all in an hour.

They love one another without saying, without sharing, for that would be too close.

Instead they voice their love in acts, their bodies, their gestures of kindness, as they show you that you are never alone.

She is grateful for this and knows of the support these women will always provide.

She can turn to it in the darkest of moments;

As the weather drastically changes overnight when she is unprepared.

She doesn’t find herself unprepared that often.

But when she does, she turns to the line of daughters.

Of survivors.

She herself has always dreamed of having a daughter. 

In her dreams, she imagines showering her openly with love,

letting it explode through every cell of her being.

So that her daughter would know that it is ok

to love and be loved.

She would want her daughter to know that love is needed just like air, water, food, shelter.

For love creates space for her to breathe into herself, into another.

Like water, love replenishes the soul, the heart.

It nourishes you, provides you with fuel,

and satisfies the deep longing, like a bounty of colorful foods.

For love creates shelter from the harder parts of the world

and helps bring a sense of safety and security back to your bones.

For you know with love you are never alone.

In case I never have a daughter, I will teach these to my son.

For one day, he may marry a daughter or have one of his own.

Expanding the line of strong, fierce, loyal, loving women.

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