Hello, I am Leesha, nice to meet you. 

I am a women.  I am a mother.  I am a psychotherapist.  I am a writer.  I am kind.  I am sentimental.  I am attached.  I am lessons.  I am always in evolution with hope. I am always changing, while sometimes staying the same.  I am a mover in search of presence, looking for ways to always soften, open and welcome. 

I search for myself in sleepless nights, uninvited judgements, lost hopes and in spots hidden by enormous pressure.  I search for myself in the struggle, the fight, the numb.  I search for myself in fear, the triggers and the longing.  I search for myself in the doubt and the shame.  I search for myself in the feeling of not every being enough and while stumbling through this thing called motherhood.


I find myself when I feel the ground, the air, the light.  I find myself in moments of quiet, in moments of rage and in moments of deep love.  I find myself in space, creativity & connection.  I find myself in laughter, in desire and in finding ways through.  I find myself in tears, in imperfections and in shaky knowings.  I find myself in supporting, seeing, and witnessing the beauty and power in others.  I find myself in holding deep knowings of human resiliency and love.  I find myself when I find you.  

Writing broke me open and the only way through is to continue.


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